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Madame Kupka between verticals – František Kupka (1910)

For more information about Kupka’s 2015 series at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Extra Mural, click here.

Extra Mural II: Outer Sounds

Friday June 19th, 7:30pm
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Theatre Rehearsal Space // $22/$14
Lim, Furrer (AP), Hurel (AP), Combier (AP), Flenady (WP)

In Outer Sounds, Kupka’s Piano steps into the beyond: interstellar, mystical, civilisational. The concert features as its centerpiece Swiss composer Beat Furrer’s kaleidoscopic septet, Gaspra (1989). Titled after an asteroid of the same name, Gaspra is a poetic exploration of rhythmic structures and otherworldly timbres. This concert also features the World Premiere of Liam Flenady’s Si el clima fuera un banco for piano & tape, alongside pieces by Phillipe Hurel, Jerome Combier and Liza Lim.


Liza Lim // Inguz
Beat Furrer // Gaspra // AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE
Phillipe Hurel // Tombeau in Memoriam de Gerard Grisey // AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE
Jerome Combier // Feuilles des paupieres // AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE
Liam Flenady // Si el clima fuera un banco// WORLD PREMIERE


Kupka’s Piano at the Imperial Room

Sunday July 12th, 4:00pm
20 Tamaree Ave, Wynnum // $25
Harvey (AP), Sculthorpe, Wolf, Messiaen, Pollard, Oliveros (AP)

The Imperial Room hosts Kupka’s Piano in a wide-ranging program of Australian works and two Australian premiere performances of pieces by Jonathan Harvey and Pauline Oliveros. This recital is taking place in a private venue and RSVP’s are essential. The $25 entry price includes a truly spectacular afternoon tea. To book your seat please contact Avon at avonfun42@gmail.com.


Mark Wolf // Umbra-Penumbra-Antumbra
Mark Pollard // Heavenly Muzak Machine
Peter Sculthorpe // Harbour Dreaming (Between Five Bells) 
Olivier Messiaen // Le Merle Noir
Jonathan Harvey // Nataraja // AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE
Pauline Oliveros // Thirteen Changes // AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE


Patterns in a Chromatic Field

Friday August 28th, 6:00pm
Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Ian Hanger Recital Hall // $15/$10

Katherine Philp and Alex Raineri join forces to performance Morton Feldman’s stunning duo Patterns in A Chromatic Field (1981).


Extra Mural III: The Human Detained feat. Makeshift Dance

Friday October 30th, 7:30pm
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Main Performance Space // $22/$14
McAllister (WP), Newcomb (WP), Wolf (WP), Mathieson-Sandars (WP)

This concert presents the extended and completed installation of the collaboration between Kupka’s Piano and MakeShift Dance Collective, The Human Detained. This project features four world premieres of substantial new works by exciting young Brisbane composers Steve Newcomb, Michael Mathieson-Sandars, Samantha Wolf and Brodie McAllister.


Steve Newcomb // New Work // WORLD PREMIERE
Michael Mathieson-Sandars // New Work // WORLD PREMIERE
Samantha Wolf // New Work // WORLD PREMIERE
Brodie McAllister // New Work // WORLD PREMIERE

Supported by the Judith Wright Centre’s Space Program, made possible through Arts Queensland.


Extra Mural IV: Vortex Temporum

Friday November 27nd, 7:30pm
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Theatre Rehearsal Space // $22/$14
Grisey, Stockhausen

Kupka’s Piano tackles the pinnacle work of the French spectralist canon, Gerard Grisey’s monumental sextet Vortex Temporum. Taking a swirling figure from Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloé, Vortex pushes it to its limits, to its self-destruction, and then to its resurrection. To compliment the 40-minute masterpiece, the concert commences with Kupka percussionist Angus Wilson’s interpretation of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s popular yet elusive solo work, Zyklus.


Gerard Grisey // Vortex Temporum
Karlheinz Stockhausen // Zyklus



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