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Concert 3: Tautologies, Transitions, Translations // Friday October 7th // Main Performance Space

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“Translation (or metaphor) lies at the heart of creativity – the transfer of an idea, structure, or feeling from one domain to the other is the original creative act.” – Eric Wubbles

This concert features the Australian Premiere of American composer Eric Wubbles’ fascinating Tautology and Transition (2012). This work is divided into movements each of which are based on analyses of the sounds and techniques of specific instruments. These are echoed and translated by the other instruments in the ensemble and by doing so, these other instruments ‘analyse’ or ‘comment’ on the original instrument – leading to strikingly original musical textures.

Similarly, Liam Flenady’s work braneworlds (2016) explores the hidden dimensions of the flute revealed by its seldom-utilised techniques of underblowing. These are set in a radical contrapuntal web of the rest of the ensemble.

Kupka’s flautist Hannah Readon-Smith’s new work Olive (2016) for flute + flute creates tautologies and translations across the two instruments, all the while transitioning from fully notated music to free improvisation.

This concert also features a new work from Kupka composer Michael Matheison-Sandars and Alan Lawrence’s The Instant Burst of Clamour (2015) originally commissioned for the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, and attempts to translate into musical form a complex image of war and its impacts, by drawing upon a scene from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


Eric Wubbles (b. 1980) // Tautology and Transition (2012) AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE

Alan Lawrence (b. 1949) // The Instant Burst of Clamour (2015)

Hannah Reardon-Smith (b. 1987) // Olive for flute + flute (2016) WORLD PREMIERE

Michael Mathieson-Sandars (b. 1989) // New Work (2016) WORLD PREMIERE

Liam Flenady (b. 1987) // braneworlds (2016) WORLD PREMIERE


Left = Frantisek Kupka, Piano Keys Lake - Right = Kupka's Piano (Nick Morrissey Photography)

Left = Frantisek Kupka, Piano Keys Lake – Right = Kupka’s Piano (Nick Morrissey Photography)


Singular Vectors: A Chris Dench Portrait Concert // Friday December 2nd // 7:30pm

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts // Theatre Rehearsal Space

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Kupka’s Piano ends the year with an ambitious portrait concert of Australian composer Chris Dench. Often associated with the ‘new complexity’ school, Chris Dench’s music is nonetheless not reducible to any particular style, and represents a unique synthesis of influences ranging from renaissance polyphony to jazz to modern science. The concert will present works from across his entire output, from the early solo works Vier Darmstadter Aphorismen and Tilt to recent works such as Permutation City, each work representing a unique snapshot into the multi-directional development of this fascinating composer.

The concert will also feature the world premiere of a newly commissioned work for the ensemble.


Chris Dench (b. 1953) // eigenmomenta (2001)

Chris Dench (b. 1953) // Vier Darmstadter Aphorismen (1989)

Chris Dench (b. 1953) // Tilt (1985) AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE

Chris Dench (b. 1953) // flux (2016) WORLD PREMIERE

Left = Frantisek Kupka, Vertical Plains Blue and Red - Right = Chris Dench (Jake Turner)

Left = Frantisek Kupka, Vertical Plains Blue and Red – Right = Chris Dench (Jake Turner)